Saturday Jan 21

Morakot Cave Trang

trang-morakotMorakot Cave


The unique Morakot Cave has its front facing towards ,Jsno        the sea, the roofless ceiling that opens to the sky, the white beach that stretches inside while the blue sea water is embraced by the cave walls. The most impressive moment is during the way out to the sea with the seawater oozing an emerald reflection of the sunlight that falls onto it, which perfectly complimi the emerald green colour of the cave.

                 From Trang town center, drive along Trang-Sikao route (Highway No.4046) about 28 k.m. to reach a junction, turn left and drive along Highway No.4162 heading to Pak Meng pier. Chartered boats and a day-tripping package for visiting Morakot cave and snorkeling are available everyday.

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Credit by : Dazzle Vol 5